Friday, 7 February 2014

Different Cafe locations

 Starbucks Coffee Shop - 
Tyler and i thought that this location would be suitable for our sequence as the shop has big open windows at the front which is useful as some of our shots involve scenes in which the stalker can see Jadine through the window. 
Brodies Cafe - 
 This cafe would be convenient as it is in a close location, however the shot may be hard to shoot as there is several things that could get in the way of the window.
 Yummies Cafe -  
Although this cafe would be convenient for Tyler and i to film our opening, the layout of the cafe would not be convenient as it is rather small and does not look as appealing as Starbucks.
  Old Village Cafe - 
The 'old village' would probably be Tyler and I's second choice as it looks like an easy place to film and also has big windows at the front which wold be perfect for our sequence. This one would also fit to the shot as it looks slightly grittier and and remote than the other three. 

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