Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Pin Point images

The images seen above have inspired and helped Tyler and I finalize our decision of plot for out opening title. We both like the idea of someone being stalked, or have their identity stolen via the internet, or 'Facebook' to be precise. after seeing these images we came up with the idea that one of these symbols should be incorporated within our film title, either as a lettering or a logo. We also have an idea of a shot involving a phone for a short time, to give an indication to the audience what the plot is based around, technology. The pin epitomizes the plot as it is worldwide recognized image therefore will make sense to the audience as they will also see the name of the film, which we have thought of as 'Found' for now. The 'O' of the title being made up of the pin symbol. 

Monday, 2 December 2013

Scanned Plot ideas

Here are some plot ideas that tyler and i have come up with regarding the story line of out opening sequence. We both seem to like the idea of a group or individual being followed or spied on. We also want to incorporate a current social aspect of the opening, eg, something dramatic that has happened in the past five years that we could re-make. Image wise, we both liked the idea of a split screen during the beginning of the film showing two sides of an opening, viewpoint, ect. Whilst the split screen is being run, we will also run the titles on the screen too.. so they are not just presented on a black screen.