Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Info on Opening 20th Century Fox intro

    The fanfare was originally composed in 1933 by Alfred Newman, who became head of Twentieth Century-Fox's music department from 1940 until the 1960s. It was re-recorded in 1935 when 20th Century Fox was officially established. Tyler and i could use this as an opening sequence however this would be copyright from the account who posted the video on youtube. Instead of this, we would create our own opening sequence or logo, however the limitations of this would be the fact we do not have access to the programs that are used to make the sequences therefore our opening would be a lot more simpler. 

Our music

After looking around numerous websites for a while to try and fine a copyright free music, we finally came across a page with a sound that we thought would fit the scene the best. Due to the fact the music will be heard during the split screen walking scene, the beats of the music do go along with a pacey, tense image that us seen by the audience. 

Analysing Black Swan DVD Cover

Pulp fiction DVD cover

Silence of the lambs DVD cover

Monday, 24 February 2014

Call Sheet

Sunday 2nd March

People involved: 

Joe (Stalker): 
Be at Bromley station early morning.
Outfit: Dark.
Props to bring: iPhone

Jadine (Victim)
Be at Bromley station early morning.
Oufit: giving the impression she is a teenage victim so an outfit of choice is okay.

Kasey (Police)
Can be at Bromley later than everyone else as he is only part of the end scene.
Outfit: Black trousers, white shirt and black tie.
Props: iPhone 

Tyler (Director)
Be at bromley before everyone else along with Amelia.
What to bring: all props and equipment including camera, ect. 

Friday, 21 February 2014

the use of a Split Screen

''In film and video production, split screen is the visible division of the screen, traditionally in half, but also in several simultaneous images, rupturing the illusion that the screen's frame is a seamless view of reality, similar to that of the human eye.''
Facts on the use of the split screen -

  • There may or may not be an explicit borderline. Until the arrival of digital technology  in the early 1990s, a split screen was accomplished by using an optical printer to combine two or more actions filmed separately by copying them onto the same negative, called the composite.
  • The arrival of digital video technology has made dividing the screen much easier to accomplish, and recent digital films and music videos have explored this possibility in depth. Sometimes the technique is used to show actions occurring simultaneously; Timecode (2000), by Mike Figgis, is a recent example where the combination is of four real time digital video cameras shown continuously for the duration of the film. The extensive use of split-screen as part of the narrative structure of a film, as in The Boston Strangler.

Friday, 7 February 2014

Title Opening

Costume - Voki

Different Cafe locations

 Starbucks Coffee Shop - 
Tyler and i thought that this location would be suitable for our sequence as the shop has big open windows at the front which is useful as some of our shots involve scenes in which the stalker can see Jadine through the window. 
Brodies Cafe - 
 This cafe would be convenient as it is in a close location, however the shot may be hard to shoot as there is several things that could get in the way of the window.
 Yummies Cafe -  
Although this cafe would be convenient for Tyler and i to film our opening, the layout of the cafe would not be convenient as it is rather small and does not look as appealing as Starbucks.
  Old Village Cafe - 
The 'old village' would probably be Tyler and I's second choice as it looks like an easy place to film and also has big windows at the front which wold be perfect for our sequence. This one would also fit to the shot as it looks slightly grittier and and remote than the other three.