Friday, 15 November 2013

Gender VS Genre

After only having several people reply to my survey, i have conducted the information given and have found that the most common genre chosen is action. I believe this is because the genre isn't gender directed and can be watched by many ages no matter what your interested in. Peoples least favorites was musicals and Rom-com movies, i believe that this is due to the fact that 11 out of my 12 samples were of a male gender, and therefore watching musicals and Rom coms are not considered popular and not so much watched by a large amount of males ages 17 and under. However, from the previous post in which myself and tyler conducted an interview with three students, a male said that his favorite genre of film was in fact rom com. This proves that not everyone will fit into the stereotypes of correlation between gender and genre of a film.

From this website i have found out a few facts that have complement my feedback. 'There are "women's films" and there are "men's films,"'
Instead of saying woman's films are made up of love stories and romance, in fact they 'concern films where the story is told from the woman’s point of view' The woman is the clear protagonist or heroine, or the story centers around women and women’s issues. 
“Men’s films” tend to focus more on action, sex (rather than romance) and competition.”
Results of the Fischoff (1994) study indicated that the most popular film genres were, in order of ranking, 

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