Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Jackie Brown - Opening

Jackie Brown - Introduction Timeline

0.00 - Music starts right form the begining.

0.00 - 0.14 - Film Logo 'MiraMax'.

0.14-0.17 - 'Another production logo.

0.22 - The company name presents the film first, a new scene is shown. 

0.27 - 'A brand apart' 

0.30 - The directors name shown.
(All of which the camera is in a still shot on a blue tiled wall)

0.36 - The main actress, as we can clearly tell by her name next to her, slides into the right hand side of the screen in an air hostess uniform, therefore presuming she is on a conveyer belt.

0.43 - The second most important actor then appears on the left of her.
(This carries on for the next several actors/ actress' until the title of the film appears on screen) 

1.10 - The crescendo of the music is then heard, as the title of the film in huge letters is seen right across the screen. along with the copyright rights underneath. 

1.19 - the 'less important' co starts and actors then carry on appearing after the title.

1.49 - The main actor then travels across the screen. 

1.50 - The background of the scene then changes to an X-Ray scanning of bags at an airport, over this, more titles are then seen as the bags pan across the screen.

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